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By providing your contact information, you can register for the Is It There Yet?SM (IITY) Mail Monitoring Program at no charge.

This will allow you to test and evaluate the program for your operations and experiment with different types of mail pieces and mailings. There is no charge to create, modify or delete jobs on the system. Charges are only incurred when mail with Is It There Yet?SM (IITY) bar code information is submitted and accepted into the USPS mail stream for processing and delivery. For more info on this click below!

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Is It There Yet?SM (IITY) encourages everyone who registers to create sample mail pieces, address information and test the bar codes before using the system. Our customer service staff will be available to scan the bar codes and provide feedback, advice and reports to help facilitate the most effective mailings possible.

Is It There Yet?SM (IITY) also recommends you re-visit our DOWNLOADS page after registering to get helpful sample data files and instructions to verify you can properly submit jobs to us.

Subscriber Requirements

  • Subscriber Application (available after registration via DOWNLOADS)
  • Capable of preparing automation mail with USPS POSTNET® Barcodes
  • Capable of printing an assigned Intelligent Mail Bar Code or a 14 character USPS PLANET® code on each mailpiece
  • Minimum 300 DPI printer
  • Setup credit card or cash account
  • Capable of printing the USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Code in place of the Postnet and Planet Codes as an option

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