How Does Is It There Yet Work?

When addressing a mass mailing the printing of a Planet Code (provided by IITY) or an Intelligent Mail Barcode allows your mail to be monitored every time it is sorted by postal equipment. This information is reported back to IITY and you can easily view the results by logging on to IITY and selecting the job of interest.

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How To Create A Monitoring Job

The process is as follows:
Once you are registered, logging in and entering a new job is simple. Log on and enter your email address and your subscriber password and then follow these simple steps to enter a new job!

After logging on to IITY, the first screen will have many choices. Please select “Jobs”. On the next screen select “Add Job”. You will need to fill in the answers to the six questions illustrated below. You can then print the information screen about your mailing AND print the 3152A induction form needed when your mail is presented to the bulk mail acceptance unit. With this information you can print a Planet Code or an Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) on your mail piece and begin monitoring your mail.

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